Spyros Papadopoulos, Planner for Energy Technology and Technical Building Equipment

Short presentation of his studies:


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In Germany
IBP Ingenieurbüro Papadopoulos
Dipl.-Ing. (TU-München) Spyros Papadopoulos
Bayerwaldring 11
94405 Landau a.d. Isar

Tel.: +49 (0) 9951 90130
Mob.: +49 (0) 174 34 71 930
E-Mail: info@ibptechnologie.de

In Greece
Dipl.-Ing. (TU-München) Spyros Papadopoulos
Georgiou Lekka 21
203 00 Loutraki Korinthias

Tel.: +30 27440 26680
Mob.: +30 697 92 61 982

Christos Kontostathakos
Studies at the Technical University of Graz in Austria, universally Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering).
After the first state examination changed Spyros Papadopoulos at the Technical University of Munich. The topic of his diploma thesis was the design of a cogeneration plant with 3 blocks of 200 MW each by Professor Ipfelkofer.

Spyros Papadopoulos graduated from the Technical University of Munich with the academic degree of Diplomingenieur, field of study General Engineering.
After studying Spyros Papadopoulos did his military service at the Technical Corps in Greece and was responsible for planning and construction of heating, electrical and gas station planning in northern Greece.
Then he returned to Germany and gained experience in various industries and consultants in the field of construction of riverships for the Danube river, and equipment for the chemical Industry , agricultural machines , sweepers and TGA planning (TGA = technical building equipment ) .

In 1972, Spyros Papadopoulos established in Landau a.d. Isar (Lower Bavaria – Germany) his Engineering Office IBPtechnologie . In Greece he has a branch in Loutraki near Corinth.
The moto of our office ALWAYS THE BETTER SOLUTION!" has led to the well-known successes.

Entry on the list of energy efficiency experts in the German Energy Agency (dena) for programs of the Federal Government with the following permission:

  • Independent energy advice (BAFA)
  • KfW programmes “efficiently building and renovation”

Offered services:

  • Energy planning
  • Construction supervision

Presentation of his works:

Villas and representative buildiings in Greece

Landschaftsaufnahme Kreta, Foto
aus der Terrasse des Hauses.
Solarkollektoren des Steinhauses.
  • Detail drawings
  • Heating, control
  • Liquid gas plant
  • Outdoor pool
  • Solar panels
  • Sanitary
  • Sewage
  • Electrical installation, lighting
  • Wall mounted condensing boiler

Representative villa in Ekali (Nobel district in the north of Athens)

Für die exklusive Villa in Ekali mit Freibad haben wir eine hocheffiziente Niedertemperaturheizung vorgesehen. Die Marmor-Fußboden wurden mit einer sanften Fußbodenheizung ausgestattet. In Räumen, wo große Glasflächen vorgesehen sind wurden zusätzlich Konvektoren, optisch versteckt, installiert. Bei sehr kalten Tagen sollte vermieden werden, dass ich diese Räume die Fußbodentemperatur stark ansteigt.

Die Zentrale wurde so ausgestattet, dass jederzeit die Umstellung auf moderne Heizsysteme (Wärmepumpe für Heizung und Kühlung, Erdwärme) möglich ist. Geplant ist auch die Beheizung des Freibades mit gleichzeitiger Kühlung für das Gebäudes um den CO2-Ausstoß weiter zu reduzieren.


Um den Geschmack eines Modedesigners zu treffen muss man was können. Die Lichttechnik in neuen Shop des berühmten griechischen Modedesigners Vassilios Kostetsos in Kifissia, im Nobelviertel im Norden von Athen, haben wir geplant.

Stone house in Nafplion

House with office and dance hall

Important decisions were taken based on the sun moves. The intelligence non-visible insulation of stone masonry, and the optimized active systems (heat pump), in conjunction with passive energy design have realized extremely low energy consumption and maximum comfort in winter and in summer without air conditioning in the first year.

Lighting design as a decision support for choosing the types and location of the lights.

Our deliveries, design and construction supervision

  • detail drawings
  • Heating, control
  • Solar energy
  • Sanitary
  • Sewage
  • Electrical installation, lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Heat pump system (air / water heat pump)

Stonehouse in Bytina

In a hillside with great views in the mountain village Bytina, 1000 m above sea level , in Arcadia , the stone house was built. Mr. Papadopoulos as an energy expert corresponded to the wishes of the client, to apply modern and environmentally friendly energy-saving measures . Thus, the stone walls were equipped with non-visible insulation. The soil and the basement walls are lined with a special membrane, to prevent radon contamination inside the building .

The rain water from the slope and the drainage is collected in a cistern and used for watering the garden to cool the environment and, if necessary for fire fighting by forest fires, thus the public network is not overloaded . The heating of the building in the winter is realized by means of heat pumps and geothermal heat, in summer the heat pump produce cold water for cooling, the heat generated by cooling heats the hot water. Additional cooling of the building with natural air circulation and cooling at night. Low temperature system, underfloor heating, radiators 55/45 ° C. The heating system can be set via a mobile phone to day or night mode Solar panels, photovoltaic system are installed on the roof

Through the above measures the minimize of CO2 emissions is achieved.

Further plans:

  • Emergency generator in case of power failure and if they are extinguished , if the current by forest fires is not available
  • Lightning protection
  • Alarm system
  • Sanitary
  • Wastewater with biological treatment
  • Recycling of kitchen waste
  • Disinfection of drinking water using ultraviolet light
  • Optional for later addition , the client can install a video system , where it can monitor his home through the Internet or put in the forest fire situation, the firefighting water system in operation.

Fruit store in Loutraki

Planned in collaboration with Evy Papadopoulos.hofer, dipl.-Ing. (univ.) architect.
Our office provided the lighting design.

A successful solution to organize and represent the products.
The customer has a complete overview of supply and prices.
The store owner is pleased because his sales increase.

Energetic renovation of the swimming pool in Landau a.d.Isar

As a part of the Konjukturpaket II of the Federal Government in 2009 has the City of Landau a.d. Isar our Office instructed the technical systems to renovate according to the Energy Saving Ordinance of 2009 (EnEV 2009), and the required documents such as the report "Energy Renovation of the building" as well as the energy Performance Certificates to customize.

There were installed a condensing boiler with a capacity of 557 kW (about 50 % reduction in boiler performance over stock) and a cogeneration unit with a thermal power of 80 kW. Together with the IT Expert, IBPmedien GmbH, a control system was designed which optimizes the function of all components. The result was the high energy saving over 53%.

Our office supplied the complete planning work, tendering and site supervision for all technical trades:

  • Renovation of the heating system
  • Renovation of the energy center (boiler + combined heat and power )
  • Renovation of the ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning of swimming pool
  • Sanitary and sewage systems
  • Development of a control system for controlling the Systems, in addition via touch panel
  • Fire protection of investments
  • Associated electrical installation
  • Advice for the insulation of the building envelope
  • Maintenance contracts

Fulfillment of the condition of the Government of Lower Bavaria in connection with the program of Economic recovery plan II,”the building must attain after the renovation New Condition“.

Exhibision building Mercedes-Benz in Larnaca - Cyprus

Client: CIC – Cyprus Import Corporation in Nicosia

General planner:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Steel construction
  • Special schading
  • Workshop Equipment
  • New technologies
  • Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewage
  • Electrical installation, indoor and outdoor lighting

Short description:
The facility consists of an office and exhibition building, a workshop, a spare parts warehouse and a large area for parking, display of vehicles and space for future expansion. The plot is located in an exclusive position near the airport in Larnaca.
Chosen is a steel structure with lots of glass and precast sandwich panels. In Cyprus is cooling a problem but not the heating. At peak times, when the power supply reaches ist maximum, airconditioners must be switched off and that makes the work in enclosed spaces anbearable.
Taking into account the motion of the sun a complete shading system for the building was designed.


  • Energy saving in cooling up to 70%
  • Use of night cooling for further reduction of energy costs for cooling
  • Cooling and heating using heat pumps
  • The lighting was optimized with the help of computer
  • Drainage of rainwater


Conversion and extension Autohaus Mercedes-Benz in Lucerne

Client: formerly garage Ottiger, in Lucerne, Switzerland

Short description:

The building consists of two exhibition halls in 2 floors, a workshop called "Quick Repair", a cafe in the gallery and a customer care - Information booth.

Planning contract:

  • Consideration of the strict Swiss requirements in terms of energy savings
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical installation
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Special lighting effects
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Sanitary
  • Wastewater


  • Energy savings due to radiant heating
  • Use of nicht cooling to improve the indoor temperature levels during the day
  • The lighting was optimized with the help of computer
  • Special effect with colored lights add value to the exhibition halls.



Results of the energy consulting

Program: on-site consulting
Single Family in Lower Bavaria, built in 1976
Building volume Ve = 645 m³, building area AN = 206 m²
Heated air volume VL = 516 m³

Results of the energy consulting

Before renovation


After the renovation

Suggested actions:

  • Renovation (professional insulation) of the building envelope
  • New windows
  • Pellet heating
  • Solar panels for hot water and heating support


  • Demand of the KfW – Bankengruppe for the Efficiency House 55: fulfilled
  • Energy cost reduction: - 66% off - reduction compared to status without renovation
  • CO2 - emissions: 4827 kg / year, - 66% off reduction compared to status without renovation

Special Educational Support Centre in Dingolfing

The modern school building construction requires an interdisciplinary knowledge in all areas of civil engineering, as well as a broad knowledge of both classical and modern technologies. The systems shall be designed so that a long-term use can be expected without changes and additions. The rapid development of electrical installation, lighting technology and in particular the communication technologies and the BUS technology are opening up broad paths for optimization of the building and maximizing energy savings.

One can embed today many functions of other disciplines in bus technology and so will not only cut costs, but made the central control of the systems is possible. On the planner very high demands are made, it must optimally advise the client and he must recite the solutions the use and value of the Optimize the building and last but not least are economically feasible.

The district of Dingolfing-Landau instructed our office with consulting, planning , tendering and construction supervision for the following trades:

  • Electrical , lighting and network planning
  • Lightning protection and surge protection system
  • Bus technology for the control of lighting, blinds and room temperatures
  • Projector systems
  • Electro-acoustic system ( ELA)
  • Stage lighting and sound
  • Fire alarm system, smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA )
  • Telephone , Satellitenantennas
  • Maintenance contracts for the maintenance

Lower bavarian archeology museum

The construction of the multi-purpose hall of glass was used as the center of energy from the sun energy. By interposing a heat recovery between exhaust air and fresh air as well as the use of a heat pump was aimed to optimize the energy conservation . In a museum , visitors are frequencies and the times when visitors come very irregular.

This problem was solved by the use of motion detectors and air quality sensors . The exhaust air from the museum rooms reached via the staircase ( without channels ) down to the basement and is also used for the venting of the side rooms and toilets.

In the time when cooling is required, the following physical feature used:

  • The warm air from the solar heating and heat dissipation of visitors rise to the top and is used in the heat pump to heat the remaining rooms of the museum , which at zero cost incurred refrigerant is used to cool the hall. Because the cold air is heavier, it spreads in the lower layer around the hall and creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • A further highlight is that all the technology in the museum is invisible.

Ruselkraftwerke, in Deggendorf (Bavarian Forest)

Installation of 3 pieces diesel generator units with a total capacity of 39 MW as peak load power plant.

The planning of a peak load power plant requires high technical knowledge and discipline, a challenge for a mechanical engineer. The completion dates were always very close, but they had to be met anyway, because the peak load power plant had always deliver on time stream. Our office has proven itself!

The following engineering services we have delivered :

• Design and implementation planning
• Approval of design, tender
• Site Management
• Scheduling

The plant was on the main road 11 at the entrance to the Bavarian Forest , which meant high demands on the aesthetics of the design, environmental protection, fire protection and sound insulation . On the back is a brook, here were no interventions without the consent of the Water Management Office, since the tiles should
"millennial water" unhindered.

  • - Installation of 3 pieces diesel generator units with a total capacity of 39 MW
  • Complete peripheral consisting of:
    • Chimneys
    • Complete ventilation systems for the combustion air of diesel engines including Channels, fittings, silencers, fire dampers
    • Complete ventilation systems for indoor ventilation and hot air exhaust including Channels, fittings, silencers, fire dampers
    • Pipelines for the fuel and lubricating oil supply of diesel engines
    • Cleaning centrifuges for the oil
    • Proposals for the window construction with sound insulation effect
    • Control cabins for machinists with sound insulation
    • Fire and Environmental Protection
    • Implementation of the manufacturer MAN specifications
  • Use of the heat in the cooling water of the engine for heating the staff housing
  • Installation of a large aboveground tank system for the collection and cleaning of waste oils
  • Installing one aboveground tanks for diesel fuel for the supply of diesel engines
  • Technical Solution "droplet evaporation" for the dissipation of heat from the cooling water which in the small lake (located on the other side of the road ) flows.

For cooling of diesel engines was only the adjacent pond available.

The living in the pond trouts were not to be disturbed by higher water temperatures. In addition to supplying the halls, the offices and apartments located in the neighborhood of the employees of Ruselkraftwerken the cooling water flows with residual heat in the small lake . There we installed a large fountain, the falling water in droplet form gave his heat in the air.
The event. Residual heat could be compensated by the water exchange between the lake and the upper reservoir. The function will be held as follows: The building on the right in the picture is equipped with pump and turbine. In the evening and during the period where the wake is running (see the hills in the background of the image) promote pump water to the upper reservoir. During the day, at times when peak load electricity is needed , the water flows back and generates peak load electricity in the turbine generator unit that is shown in the building in the photograph, is installed.

Nursing Home in Landau a.d. Isar

Renovation of:

  • Heating System
  • Ventilation systems in hygienic design
  • control system
  • Electrical installation
  • Lightning protection
  • Emergency generator
  • Fire protection measures
  • Fire alarm system
  • Study Preventive fire protection, evacuation of residents


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For the following additional disciplines, please contact the Engineering Office Papadopoulos as a partner

  • Project management
  • Industrial plants
  • Energy efficiency expert
  • Technical building equipment
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, sewage
  • Electrical and lighting design
  • Heat pumps, geothermal energy, solar energy systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Combined heat and power
  • Fire protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Environmental protection
  • General planning

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