Costas Papatheodorou, Architect

Short presentation of his studies:


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Konstantinos Papatheodorou
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt TU-AACHEN
I. Polemi 62
20200 Kiato
Tel.: +30 27420 24382
Mobil: +30 6944154148

Christos Kontostathakos
1956-1957: Studies at the University of Vienna
1957-1962: Studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)
1962: Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
1964-1967: Continued Studies at the RWTH Aachen, degree Diplom-Ingenieur Architect.
Seasonal cooperation in the holiday season with the architect Dimitris Pikionis.
Lives and works in Nafplion

Presentation of his works:

The Church Agia Photini (Haghia Photeine, known as holy Transfiguration)

The Church of Agia Photini belongs to the "Mantinischen Club" and is backed in the year 1970 in ancient city Mantinea (Mantinea) within the city walls and close to the Agora and the theatre.
The Church is designed and built to revive the spiritual and cultural level of the area.
An architect should perform the design and the realization of this "dream", who believed in such a dream.
That was then the thirty-three years old Konstantinos Papatheodorou.
He left the city of Athens and is moved to the ancient Mantinea.
He lived on the spot with his twelve master's (craftsmen), who came from Arcadian mountain villages.
It originated as a Mason's family and an old building tradition should be continued, but not as a repetition of stereotypical forms.
Southwest of the Church we have built the Memorial of Mantinea entirely from marble but it is still not comleted - it's foundation was in the zears 1975-1976.
North-West of the Church, we wanted to symbolize the fountain, where Christ himself talked with a woman outside the city of Samaria. The woman is called later Photini. We do not know their Hebrew name. It's a reminder of an old Greek Theatre at the Centre (on the Orchestra) in place of the actors is a round eight-columned marble construction.
The fountain shall be namely the "word of God", where his columns describe us people with our countless sins, and we with him as the Center our "Close circle".
For this reason, each column has a personal development of form of.
Many "secrets" are hidden in the Church itself, indicating some familiar and unfamiliar realities. All components of the three buildings have received their forms after revisions, which we have had with our hand tools.
We have again edited several blocks of older buildings and used so that they can produce a sense (a new character).
We wanted to give a new breath of ancient tradition.

Κ. Ι. Π
In ancient Sikyon next to Korinth
21 – 25.11.2013

Residential complex of Thomas and Silvia Beck family between Xiropigado and Astros in Arcadia

The blessed couple has eight children and many grandchildren.
So we started with the seven apartments in the years 2003-2004.
The marble Theatre is created between the stone houses.
Next, we have built a so-called "Temple". It is a building of marble and hard wood columns as dining area of the whole family uses and at the Temple of Athena of Priene reminds us, although it is Ionic in Priene.
"Our" is "Dorian" - if we may say.
The city of Priene lies between Ephesus and Miletos on the Asia minor coast across from Samos.
Many music festival held in this open theatre which raise the cultural level of the inhabitants of the area.
All the apartments are built of stones; we dug up out of the land. All roofs are made of chestnut wood.
The paths of the garden are all with plates and stones occupied in various forms.
The Entrance of the theatre is considered to be a marble gate in symbolic form.
A special path leads us to the "Flügelhaus" (Pianohaus) that we have recently built – the marble fountain is constructed at the end of our construction activities.
The garden is decorated with a marble Pavilion, with a "exedra" with playgrounds, etc.
Thomas and Silvia Beck with their family thez love the place and the Greek world.
thez help the assessment of the area.
We thank them and we see their presence in the village as a great honor.

Κ. Ι. Π
In ancient Sikyon next to Korinth
21 – 26.11.2013

Three houses Owner is Johannes Bartz

These three houses are built on the Arcadian coast between Kiveri and Xiropigado.
The plot is not very large, so these apartments are correspondingly small. Our construction material is an erthcolored steep which should be fit in the Rocky coastal environment.
All the houses are roofed with tons.
Due to lack of space, we chose underfloor heating.
All rooms open out to the sea without exaggeration.
The client is at home in the capital of Charlemagne with the wonderful Cathedral.

Κ. Ι. Π
In ancient Sikyon next to Korinth
21 – 28.11.2013