Christos Kontostathakos, Architect

Short presentation of his studies:


Languages: Greek, English

Christos Kontostathakos
Dipl. - Ingenieur - Architekt - NTUA (TU-Athen)
March 25, 99 & Orpheus 1
21100 Nafplio
Telefon: +30 27520 28182
Mobile: +30 6977002068

Christos Kontostathakos
Christos Kontostathakos born in 1974. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2000. His diploma thesis was awarded with honors from the Technical Chamber of Greece. The last years of his studies worked with Assistant Professor of NTUA Ms. Maria Kafritsa.

Since 2002 he established his own office in Nafplion where he lives and works.

Presentation of his works:

Coffee shop renovation

In a small and with architectural interest space of 35m2 with just a 3,50m narrow view towards the road two functions should be combined in one.

The two functions, preparation coffee and shelling coffee beans, should coexist without neutralizing one the other. By careful chooses of materials and lighting we managed a result of a special style that inspires for both functions and attracts clients of every age that simultaneously are satisfied by the same space.

New house in Nafplio 1

In a very small plot of just 184m2 we have to design a house for a family of five, an office, a dance class room, a closed parking for two cars and at the same time the biggest possible outdoor living area which finally reach at 100m2!!

All main building materials (concrete, stone, wood) were left in their natural form both inside and outside of building leading to an image that match the impressive figure of “Palamidi” castle.

Special care has been taken for the energy design. Walls are carefully made as a combination of two sided stone walls with a 12cm of insulation between them. Generally the careful combination of active and passive energy design systems attribute extremely low energy consumptions and a highest comfort level from winter to summer even without using air-conditioning.

Old house renovation

A forlorn house and a small gas station building are connected and renovated in order to function as a seasonal residence with prospect to be permanent in the future.

A single room was created for kitchen, dining and sitting area. Around it are placed guest rooms with a W.C. each. By using different and intense colors each space gets a unique and special style. By many imaginative solutions all spatial requests are pleased in the small existing area.

Creative agency design

A creative agency design office has to be settled in a small flat at the center of the town. The 75m2 new construction that has no architectural interest and quality must be transformed in a place of inspiration that reflects the innovation and dynamic creativity of the office.

Bold curved forms “moving” at all three dimensions of space create an impressive and at the same time friendly atmosphere in a place with a strong and unique character who manage to create a positive impact at the great variety of clients.

New house in Tripoli 1 (under construction)

This is to house the family of a graphic designer, a personal office and a guest room. Basic desire was an extroverted house with open spaces and at the same time private ness wherever it is need.

A different grid for the house than the personal office and the guest room helps to create a special entrance and gives functional solutions of separating or connecting as wished. A double height entrance space with special natural lighting from above makes space comprehension easy and everyday life better.

New house in Tripoli 2 (under construction)

This is a house for a family of four, a timber structures laboratory and a guest room. The love of the owners for the traditional architecture of Arcadia have to be combined with the modern multi needs in a hole new and developing sector of the town.

Basic forms of traditional architecture have been used not as an imitation but wherever they where necessary. Designing by taking care of orientation, solar lighting and local winds is the inner connection of the house with traditional architecture where forms are results of covering functions by taking care of environmental data.

Pastry making industry (under construction)

Is the central plant for a big chain of confectioneries. It includes the main production area, raw materials warehouses, staff area, management offices and retail outlet.

Without stretching the budget, we found all the solutions for an extremely strict functional program in order to attain the optimum workflow and output for the enterprise.

Four houses complex

In total of 100m2 in two levels plus a basement parking and warehouse (for each house) in a quite limited budget we should cover the needs for a family of four and at the same time to result an image of a modern and comfortable residence.

By simple and at the same time imaginative solutions the houses are so functional that give the impression of a much bigger structure.

Landscaping around an old house

After renovating the house it was the turn for landscaping the abandoned the plot by trying to give quickly life to the whole area.

All materials (timber, concrete, wattles, colored concrete blocks ) are chosen to be left at their natural form. This way, materials are getting aged fast but beautifully giving to the space in a few months a charming maturity. A very careful designing of planting helps the most in transforming in a few time the place in paradise.

New house in nafplio 2 (under construction)

At a plot with excellent view towards the town of Nafplio and the bay of Argolida but in an extremely steep slope we have to design a house for five and the office of the owner.

All spaces are placed in order to catch full view and insolation and at the same time to succeed easy intercommunication. A strong stone wall with small windows gives the house the privateness from the road side while wide openings reveal the magnificent view in front.

Restoration and renovation of old listed building

Two old neighboring and listed houses are connected, restorated and renovated in order to function as a small luxury hotel.

By using special techniques of restoration the old structures acquired the initial static strength without loosing their unique form and beauty. Bold but harmonious choices of colors complement the classic and historic facades that hide behind them all the functions of a modern hotel.

Small hotel renovation

An old existing hotel is divided in two parts. One off the new owners needs a renovation in order to make his part to function as a hotel again, much smaller but really unique and special.

By imaginative design solutions and by taking advantage even of the last square meter the new hotel in half a space than the old one has the same number of rooms, more facilities and services. Bold use of materials at the view of the main road makes the building to be positive distinguished among the others.